Price list

Dear visitor, unfortunately we must inform you that we have removed the price list because of material improvement and thickness of the walls . In fact every house will be individually designed for the customer, so that each customer can choose the thickness of the wall and window type.

Approximate prices
can be viewed here!

This way of aproach to your home simply can not be defined by unit cost per m2. For further information please contact us. We will ansver to your questions with great pleasure that tell you every detail.

We kindly ask all our potential customers to consider what enters our high degree of completion, because it is proven that we have the best price on the market and we offer most for that price. For example, if salesperson does not give you a project documents, plumbing works and transportation costs – on the 100 m2 house that can be an additional costs of approximately 4000-5000EUR or even 40-50 € per m2 at the price you get in the original offer!

Here you can see the approximate cost of works which are usually not mentioned by the bidder, because that is not provided in ROH BAU offer.

CPrices are given per unit approx 100m2

Project documentation 10850,00kn
Supervision report 2460,00kn
Transport 4500,00kn
Accomodation and food for workers 8400,00kn
Electroinstalation with attest 11000,00kn
Water supply and sanitation 10500,00kn
Bandages and smoothing 4500,00kn
Plumbing works 6000,00kn
Outer and inner sills 3500,00kn
TOTAL 61710,00kn

The above amount according to the middle exchange rate of EUR is 8450eur, so you can add approximately 80eur/m2 to basic offer that some companies provide to you and see how it is ultimately more expensive and not profitable.
Quote from a client
”We have decided to work with you because you have no hidden costs!”


Wall elements are produced in the workshop by the project and are delivered to the site as an outdoor and indoor elements, they are full or with a built-in windows and doors depending on the location within the building. There are several variants of the exterior walls, which differ in the outer wraps, wall thickness of 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, and more on customer request and the required static load calculation. If the site is accessible building elements are produced in maximal dimension of 13.50 m, but if the site is not that accessible the working panels are made in size up to 8m in length so they could be transported with a small vehicle to the building site and installed with the help of mobile cranes and tower cranes.

  • IMAGE 1:
  • 1 – Plaster board – 12,50 mm
  • 2 – FERMACELL-plate – 10,00 mm
  • 3 – PVC film – 0,15 mm
  • 4 – Mineral wool – 160,00mm
  • 5 – FERMACELL-plate – 10,00mm
  • 6 – Polystyrene cladding – 100,00 mm
  • TOTAL with glue and plaster - 300,00mm
tutis presjek 1
Ceiling structure consists of grilled assembly, insulation, vapor and ceiling coverings. The roof covering is boarding cover over which is putted thermal paper, lengthwise and crosswise beams, over which is placed tiles, shingles or sheet metal.
  • IMAGE 2:
  • 1 – Plaster board – 9,50 mm
  • 2 – FERMACELL-plate – 10,00 mm
  • 3 – Mineral wool – 50,00 mm
  • 4 – Airspace – 30,00 mm
  • 5 – FERMACELL-plate – 10,00 mm
  • 6 – Plaster board – 9,50 mm
  • TOTAL - 120,00mm
tutis presjek 2